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Romance of mountain town

Da Lat right at the moment of its formation has had "the original function" a tourist and vacation city. In the process of development, with planned urban planning scenarios, Da Lat was given romantic and impressive names, such as City in the Forest, Summer Capital, Patite Paris of Asia, The city of thousands of flowers ... Romance of mountain town is an unusual experience.

It can be said that the name Da Lat were deeply rooted in the mind and became the pride of not only people in the mountain region; a temperate climate land, a place of pure relaxation, bringing peace to the soul. Prof. Dr. Architect Bruno De Meulder (Belgium) once said: "Speaking of Da Lat, Vietnamese people are all anxious. Because in them, Da Lat is not only a city but also a mind, sometimes a nostalgia, sometimes a feeling of pure, fresh and deep. The year-round cool climate is a rare "infinite" peculiarity in the world, helping Da Lat maintains a comparative advantage in the development process, associated with tourism and vacation services at international level. Being cool, pure air and shy space ... Da Lat is considered a paradise place. These are the rare resources that Da Lat owns. They can't be missing. All in one, they create comfort, physical pleasure that no high-tech system can create.

Excellent architect Ngo Viet Thu used to said, in Da Lat, the houses and mountains cannot be seen clearly, the scene was always mysterious. That nature floats like a watercolor painting, the beauty of Asian art. European - Vietnamese architectural heritage and Da Lat nature are combined to wear charming features. The pine forest and the architecture of beautiful timeless old villas gave birth to the sadness of "specialties", the "soul" of. These two physical entities are not "value added" but are "basic values" of this country. It is a luxurious sadness made up of a "marriage" between nature and human creation.

Natural resources, with majestic and pristine mountains and forests, cool climate all year round, have been a prerequisite for the birth of an urban tourism and vacation structure. is also considered as a "botanical flower garden" all year round. Climate, flowers ... harmonize the "peach cheeks" of young women who naturally hold many people back to.

The French came to in the early XX century and gave this city a meaningful maxim that "gives this person joy, that person peace." Going to Da Lat, perhaps everyone would follow the way of life here. From the rhythm of the walkers, from the way of talking, gestures ... to "the style" of drinking coffee, the call for checking bill in the cafe are all happening slowly. Slow but not late, it is the self of Da Lat people.

Every individual and every class who came to Da Lat had his own "passionate" way. Poet Tran Truong "felt" Da Lat's soul in the poem of the same name: "... The rhythm of living here is slow / although the clock still runs on time ..."; and poet Nguyen Duy used to "hear vaguely a fallen pine leaf". Artists are, of course, interested in such feeling of stillness and sublimation. Farmers love the purity and peace. Visitors go to find the stillness, the beauty of the rest, relaxation and the idyllic roads over the hill. Visit Da Lat to go to bed early and wake up late, take a few hot and warm dishes in the cold night, listen to the dreamy city and experience the four seasons of within only a day, so as not to need any season or month...

Da Lat, since the old days, brought the image of a garden and garden city into the street. The winding roads, gardens surrounding the streets, cover the peaceful houses. With the fresh climate, the image of Da Lat farmers has created a unique color for the metropolitan area. People spend all year-round with farming life, but in them, there is always a sense of peace and joy, as if they have never gone through tough days.

This afternoon I went back to Da Lat and chose a corner in a quiet cafe to watch the city in rain, to enjoy the purple late sunset, to be peaceful among the quiet, leisurely guests of the bars in the sound of coffee drops falling, looking at the busy streets of the city, crowded with the footsteps which were not intertwined with each other ... The living environment of was fresh and still; The pace of life is not as hustle and bustle as other cities. Such environment makes people pure and peaceful. Tourists come to Da Lat not only to immerse themselves in the natural landscape, but also admire the style of Da Lat people; not only enjoying specialties but also looking at their gentle eyes and smiles; not mean to rent a room to stay, but to look for beautiful dreams.

Wandering in the mountain town to see the wind of the houses over the hill, to enjoy and snort after a cup of wine in the suburban, to feel the lightness of the "black as hell, bitter like death and sweet as love ” coffee cup ... At that time, you could hardly leave Da Lat.

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