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There is an exciting destination for Dalat people; and surprisingly, it is also a peaceful place for tourists loving Dalat: CỔ CAFÉ (Ancient café).

As it is named, CỔ café is a space of memory, which is decorated with ancient objects that lead people to recall the time when Dalat was just discovered and “civilized” by the French; they are disc machines, motorbikes with a trade mark of Vespa, luxurious oil lamps which were used to decorate ancient villas at that time.

Each corner of CỔ café has its own meaning: a quiet place for a bird view of the city, a deep corner for a look toward a green valley dotted by few purple wild flowers, a large corner for relaxing time of wild grass and an ancient Vespa motorbike, etc. How interesting it is!  

Every object in the shop has its own story: Old dishes from the first days when Dalat was discovered; old rotary telephones carefully arranged in wooden shelves; or telegraph wires which are modeled exactly as they were in Dalat of the old days.   

Coming to CỔ café, you should enjoy a cup of hot black or milk coffee. It is still a question that whether a secret recipe or a good newly-found type of coffee that makes the coffee in this café so distinct.  The coffee colour is dark, rippled by stripes of light yellow milk, tasting sweet and greasy. This is real coffee.

It is not difficult to find a beautiful place in Dalat for taking pictures, but it is hard to find a place where one could find a scene of Dalat of early days. Therefore, CỔ café has deliberately or unintentionally become an ideal and attractive place for photographers to seek for great pictures of their collection. With its well-established hospitality, Cổ café always welcomes all those who wish to come for memorable moments in life. 

CỔ café - a destination for nostalgia!




Address: 02-04 Tran Quoc Toan - Da Lat, Lam Dong Province 
Tel: 02633 510 558  - Fax: 02633 811 656

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