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9/6/2018 9:54:00 AM

Melancholy in early autumn

This morning, unlike other days, I get up a little later than usual. Opening the door to breathe the air, I suddenly feel in the air a little gust of cold wind slowly making its way into my nose. Instantly an exhilarating, serene feeling fills my soul.

The guava tree at the corner of the garden also begins to ripen. The evidence is that the aroma of ripe guavas spreading over the space. I move closer to the guava tree, pick some fruits and bring them into the house, then put on the white porcelain dish and sit watching the bright yellow color of the ripe guava, the yellow mixing with some green color, making it fresh and delicious. The scent of ripe guava is still clinging to the space as a silent reminder, that it is autumn, for normally, the season of ripe guavas is also a herald of autumn.

Of course, I look up at the wall calendar, the date written on it tells me that: Autumn has arrived! Just like the first sign of its return is the scent of guava spreading in the chilly wind, just cold enough for the young girl to wear a thin scarf around her shoulders to create a graceful fashion with the charming autumn.

Every year, the moment autumn hits Đà Lạt, it is often sunny. This year, because of the effect of the storm, the transition between summer and autumn has somewhat out of tune. Instead of the clear, high and deep blue sky, the rain covers a thickly dampened curtain over Đà Lạt landscape, making the most beautiful weather in Da Lat unclear.

In the immense wind and heaven, I did not recognize the pure scent of autumn. However, the charming, the graceful and thin features characteristic of autumn always appear when it is dry. Thanks to that, Đà Lạt still keeps the feeling of peace, romanticism of autumn. I draw the old – fashioned motorbike out of the house, making a tour around Xuan Huong Lake, to fully catch the moment of quiet autumn on the lake.

Autumn makes the landscape of Xuan Huong Lake more and more fascinating. Therefore, not only myself, but many people gather at Xuan Huong Lake as well, leisurely watching the autumn sky. Of course, with romantic and very dreaming scenery, Dalat witnesses the presence of couples of lovers.

In front of the seductive autumnal look, the couples of lovers exchange love words walking hand in hand around the blue lake. After walking around Xuan Huong Lake for a round, I turn to Thuy Ta restaurant to order a glass of iced milk coffee, sitting hidden in the corner of the restaurant to enjoy watching the autumn water. Beside the cup of coffee, the old deep song is still calling back old souvenirs and then the wind blows again. The wind here evokes a lot of cold, chill. It is rarely seen as the autumn winds in Hanoi.

Autumn is seductive and discreet, graceful and charming… compassionate and tolerant… Deep and fathomless ... All of that typical autumn gathers in Dalat and then spreads out here. When autumn comes, Da Lat always carries a very elegant beauty.




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