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9/6/2018 9:58:00 AM

Dalat - A Miracle From the good earth

Lạc Dương breaks through in the development of high technology

According to statistics, the whole district of Lac Duong (Lam Dong) has 1,830 ha of high-tech flowers and vegetables, of which are 1,500 ha of vegetables, 330 ha of flowers. Models of vegetable and flower investment of organizations and individuals in Lac Duong district are increasingly expanded both in size and area.

Nature favors the development of high-tech agriculture

Lam Dong can be considered the leading province in the field of agriculture. And among localities in Lam Dong, Lac Duong district has the highest potential for agricultural production, including high-grade temperate vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, Japanese lettuce...

Therefore, the name of Lạc Dương is associated with the brand of many domestic and overseas enterprises, agricultural production groups with large - scale projects. By the end of 2015, Vingroup decided to invest in building two farms in Đa Nhim village (500 ha) and Da Chais village (83 ha). More than 100 hectares have already gone into production, to name a few.

Apart from VinEco, there are many Korean and Japanese companies in Lac Duong district. In addition, other businesses of Đà Lạt also invest in this dictrict, for instance, Anh Đào Cooperative 100 ha, Đà Lạt GAP 15 ha, Đà Lạt Flower Forest 20 ha ... Each company has its own investment method with different products, contributing to the development of hi-tech agriculture in Lạc Dương at a vibrant pace.

With good climate and soil, and plenty of land fund, as well as 85% forests cover, all is the ideal condition for investment in high tech agricultural production. Additionally, Lạc Dương is granted a special mechanism, being the satellite of high-tech production of the expanded Đà Lạt city. That is "Clement weather – Favorable soil".

A breakthrough in high-tech agricultural development

To head to a developed and sustainable agriculture, Lac Duong district Party committee has issued a project on the restructuring of the agricultural sector in the direction of increasing added value and sustainable development in the district to 2020.

According to the project, in 2016, the district focused on choosing a pilot model in Đạ Sar village, mobilizing the ethnic minorities to reduce the areas of poor yield coffee to grow vegetables. First, the model was implemented with 20 households associating with Anh Dao Cooperative. From this model, the district has supported production budget for farmers to build an irrigation system of 5 million / acre; technical support with the establishment of a working team with the main participation of the Agricultural Division and Agricultural Center, often going to the establishment to participate in the production with the people during the initial stage. From 20 pilot households with an area of nearly 2 ha, to the late months of 2016, this number has increased to nearly 100 households with an area of 25.5 ha, by 2020, developing 300 ha of high tech agriculture.

Besides the policy of supporting equipment for production, the district also issued decisions on recruiting staff to work as commune agricultural extension workers who are required to have a university or college degree or at least a professional secondary school in agriculture and salaries are based on their qualification acquired. At present, all communes and towns in Lạc Dương district have got professional agricultural extension staff. This team is the force directly implementing the transformation of high-tech agriculture at the grassroots level.

On the other hand, the district also coordinates with enterprises to open training classes for farmers. This helps businesses recruit workers, people have jobs and know how to produce effectively on their land. Their production idea has changed and their income has increased. The current average value per unit area is about 200 million VND / ha. The efforts of the local government, the investment of the enterprises and the response of the people have contributed to making "concord" in the development of agricultural science in Lạc Dương.

Thanh Sa



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